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    Store / Matte Boxes / Matte Box Kits / Misfit Atom

    Misfit Atom

    SKU: B1230.1007 IN STOCK


    In stock (can be backordered)

    (5 customer reviews)

    Designed specifically for run & gun, gimbal, Steadicam & aerial use, the Misfit Atom is the definition of lightweight matte boxes.

    ? Lightest fully functional matte box in the market, weighing a mere 98 grams and 195 grams with the rubber shade
    ? Can hold two 4×5.65″ (PV) or 4×4 filters or a combination of both
    ? Designed to fit 114mm lenses and smaller lenses with clamp-on & threaded donut rings.

    In stock (can be backordered)

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    Misfit Atom 4 x 5.65″, 4 x 4″ – Ultra Lightweight 2 Stage matte box is designed to push the definition of a lightweight matte box and was specifically conceived for Gimbal and Steadicam use and it is incredibly strong and light.

    The frame itself weighs in at 98 grams and adding the shade brings it up to about 195 grams. The frame can hold up to 2 PV or 4×4 filters or a combination of both.

    It is designed to fit 114mm lenses, and can work with smaller lenses using our range of clamp-on and threaded donut rings.

    The Misfit Atom Clamp Kit is built from precision cut and hard anodized aluminium, elasto polymer and stainless steel.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.22 kg
    Dimensions 26.5 × 20.5 × 8.3 cm
    Matte Box Compatibility

    Filter Size


    5 reviews for Misfit Atom

    1. Hugo Bordes

      I’ve had the Misfit Atom for almost a year now and it’s now one of the most essential pieces of gear in my kit.
      I simply love the fact that I don’t need rods, brackets, swing- away arms etc and still have a completely functional matte box for my productions. I screw it on and off my Zeiss and Canon lenses in seconds. It’s actually made me quite lazy and I now need a solid excuse to use the old conventional Matte Boxes. Even for studio work! (not just gimbal)
      Definitely a game changer for my workflow!
      Side note: I recently took it overseas and was worried that the silicon frame would get out of shape if compressed in a suitcase for 15 hours but the thing just popped right back into shape once I took it out of the bag. I just love this thing!

    2. Rob Ruscher

      This is something I don’t leave home without. A must have for all my gimbal shoots. At times I even choose this over my Misfit for weight and low profile. Super simple and doesn’t fail. Love how easy it is to pack and travel with as well.

    3. Brian Troy

      Wherever I go, my Misfit Atom goes. This is one of the best matte boxes I’ve owned/used. I do own a VIV (which is great), but for when I’m using a MoVI or Ronin, I attach the Misfit Atom. It’s extremely lightweight and compact. If I’m doing a lot of run and gun work, this is typically the matte box I run with. I’ve added the 82mm and 77mm donuts for my L-series glass, and the 100mm for my Schneider Xenon FF primes. This has been a great addition to my kit and I’m never on set without it. If you’re starting out or are a seasoned cinematographer, there isn’t a better option in my opinion.

    4. Alex Bier?ugel

      It’s been permanently attached to my camera since day one. Unbelievably low weight. The top flag has been an invaluable lens cover (as well as being useful for the obvious). Is well built and is probably adding a few years longevity for my back!
      First class product, coupled with first class aftercare. What’s not to like?

    5. Helder Gomes

      For me, since the first time I saw this piece, it became an integral part of my equipment. I don’t go out to film without my Tangerine Misfit Atom. besides being practical and light, it protects my lenses. I bought one more, so my two cameras are always well equipped. this product is wonderful, I recommend!

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